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Manifolds and Valves

Cross Line Relief Valves Two Speed Manifolds
Cross Line Relief Valve with Shuttle valve
  • Standard design cross line relief valve manifolds for direct mounting to your Hydrex rotation and travel motor includes a shuttle valve option for additional flushing and cooling capacity.

  • Provides pressure spike protection for the main circuit (eliminating spikes reduces downtime due to equipment failure)

  • Allows for remotely adjustable torque control from the control cab.

  • Eliminates extra fittings and hoses associated with line mounted valves saving significant installation cost.

  • Compact, clean and economical. 


Application Photo of Cross Line Relief Valve without Shuttle Valve

Application photo


Photo of two speed manifold

Two-Speed Manifold (shown without valving and plugs). This manifold allows rotation and travel motors to be isolated from the circuit for two-speed operation during periods of low power and/or increased travel speeds. Included is a  Hot Oil Shuttle Valve, Charging Checks,  Cross Line Relief Valves (remotely adjustable), and pilot operated directional valves for two-speed operation.  In addition, the TSM 1200 greatly reduces hydraulic hoses and potential leakage points while increasing your production and uptime.