Horizontal Directional Drilling
Complete Rigs, Parts, & Servicing
Equipment & Services, Inc.
a division of IHD, Inc.


For any service call not covered by our warranty, the following applies:


Labor and travel time:

Service Engineer or Technician

$1,000 per day, Monday - Friday


Factor 1.5 applies after 8 working hours and

after 6:00 P. M. or Saturdays


Factor 2 applies on Sundays and holidays.

The time during which the HDD Equipment & Services  employee is available for work, including Saturday and Sunday, shall be regarded as having been worked and the charges are computed at regular rates up to 8 hrs./day. Field service is billed "portal to portal".  A minimum of 3 days (two days travel, one day labor) is typical.

Mileage if employee's car is used:

65 cents per mile

Car rental:

at cost

Tolls and parking fees:

at cost


at cost

Per diem:

$40 per day


at cost

Air freight for parts and tools:

at cost

Rental equipment:

(crane, forklift, etc.)

at cost

Parts and miscellaneous:

as needed

If overtime is required, please advise us in advance. Make sure that after the service has been completed, a service report is filled out and signed by you and our serviceman.